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'Susan and the meditation group have been like a lifeline for me.
The support and understanding I receive coupled with the practical techniques I'm learning have already improved my mental health immeasurably.
Thank you Susan.
AN, Romford

''I never thought counselling would work.  Then I met Susan and in the first session I was shocked at how much I felt at ease and how much I talked, just natural!  A little while on and I am feeling so much better.  Counselling has made the world of difference to me, my family and my relationship with my wife.  It's all good.  Happy days.'
KL, Rainham

Just wanted to say thank you very much for all your time and help during our sessions, I found you extremely helpful and insightful.
You  helped me through some real hard times in my life and will take away the skills and thought processes you gave me to help persevere through challenges ahead.
 RH, Hornchurch

I had anxiety for many years with panic attacks.  I don't know how it works but it does. When Sue suggested EMDR I wasn't sure but I'll tell anyone and everyone to have it now.  I do not have anxiety any more and I cope with life like everyone else. 
GK, Romford

Being a typical guy I did not think I needed counselling as I was pretty 
“tough”. But after suffering with back problems for several months its amazing 
how down you can feel.
Meeting Susan who has a very gentle and relaxed approach and an excellent 
listener I quickly started to realise the benefits of having a great 
counsellor like Susan. 
My advice to all men is forget the stereo typical views and don’t be afraid to 
go and give it a go and I am sure you will have a positive experience.
B, Romford

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