Susan Bailey Counselling, Psychotherapy & Wellbeing  -
Counselling & Psychotherapy 
for individuals, couples, young people

Stress reduction/management                 Anger/aggression
Childhood abuse or neglect                     Anxiety                   ME/chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)       Depression
Post traumatic stress disorder                Mood swings
Low self esteem                                     Confidence issues
Employment issues                                  Health related issues
Diabetes                                               Loss of direction
Loss of purpose                                     Family issues
Difficulty in coping                               Alcohol issues
Feelings of loss or abandonment              Relationship issues
Eating disorders/distress                       
Any emotional distress, unhappiness or dissatisfaction with your life
Group Therapy
Small low cost groups meeting locally
Relaxation & Meditation Group
Just what we all need to help with the stress in our busy lives Please see my web page on the therapeutic benefits of meditation & relaxation

Critical Incident Debrief/Counselling

A service for organisations to prevent stress reactions in their staff after a difficult incident in the work environment such as death, accident, violence, attempted suicide and more.
Please contact me for details


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